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Whether you are an innovative but inexperienced new entrepreneur, head of a large team or even a top CEO, now is the time to wake up and join us at Awaken Business Summit.

A unique and valuable 2-day learning experience, Awaken is the first event of this kind that centres around an exciting event programme designed to inspire and reawaken. Whatever your industry or career level, Awaken holds the key to changing your mindset and realising your full potential.

Budding athletes, creative entrepreneurs and top-level executives from all over Europe and America will gather for two intensive days of expert-led Master Classes and learning experiences. Our unique programme will guide you towards developing the tools you need for success with classes led by elite entrepreneurs, Olympic athletes and world-leading psychologists.

Leading thinkers, do-ers and hugely successful business magnates will instruct you in winning sales strategies, resilience, personal branding, emotional intelligence and techniques which will help you keep calm under pressure when it matters the most. Our programme is CPD-accredited and will contribute to your ongoing professional development.

Awaken’s innovative programme of Master Classes is backed up by leading research and will significantly raise the bar for events of this kind across Europe, featuring a thrilling keynote talk by the incomparable Sir Richard Branson.

Intended to awaken and revitalise corporate culture, the event offers everything from support and mindfulness techniques for executives to vital leadership training for new entrepreneurs. Our diverse networking environment will inspire new connections and reinvigorate your professional circle, yielding exponential results and empowering you to adopt a higher standard of living in the future – a future which is made today.

Jane Graham,

Founder & CEO,

Awaken Business Summit


Our aim is to awaken mindsets and open hearts, to inspire personal, business and leadership breakthroughs.

We believe we can make the world a better place through education and the dissemination of knowledge, taking our inspiration from the true success stories of real global leaders.