Mette is a two-time world champion rower, that started her career, at the age of 11. It took her 13 years of training, to get that first gold medal, but it taught her to fight for what she wanted, and to believe that it IS possible to reach your goals, as long as they stay interesting, heartfelt and important. She rowed for 25 years, before she finally decided to explore more of life, than lakes and boats. She has studied psychotherapy and sports science, and is originally educated as a blank clerk.
She is the one of Denmarks most popular inspirational- and keynote speakers, and have spoken for over 100.000 people, throughout her speaking career. She is the author of six books, four of them on training and goal setting, the last two are novels.
She has worked as a tv commentator, a columnist, and has written thousands of articles on training, and how to get yourself motivated to get going.
To put herself on the spot, and set a big goal, she booked Tivolis Concert hall for a stand up show in 209. She gave herself one year to write the jokes, and her goal was to do a show that wasn’t hurtful, was hilarious, and to fill the 1600 seats in the room. On November 8. 2010, she did just that to everyones amazement. 
She is an ambassador for several animal right foundations, and puts a lot of time and energy in supporting organisations that work for animals and nature.