Pandit Dasa is a Mindful Leadership Expert who has spoken at TEDx Conference, SHRM National Convention and has been featured in the NY Times, Wall Street journal, Inc. Magazine and writes for the Huffington Post. He has presented to executives of Oracle, Intel, The World Government Summit, UNICEF, The World Bank, JP Morgan Chase and Many others on the techniques and science of mindfulness.


Pandit Dasa has great knowledge when it comes to mindfulness and has helped multiple Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies. Before becoming a mindfulness expert, Pandit lived as a monk in New York for 15 years. It was during this time he developed knowledge of the nature of the mind and meditation. Now he shares his knowledge and tools to corporations and college campuses. His mission is to reduce stress and bring wellness into the workplace. We spend the majority of our life at work, and it should be a joy to be there.

Pandit is the founder and CEO of Conscious Living, LLC, Which he started at Columbia University, Where he worked and taught students techniques to improve their productivity and gave sessions on meditation. Today, Conscious Living helps bring corporations, college campuses and government agencies on the principles of Mindful Leadership and Mindfulness Meditation.

Pandit has constructed workshops and keynotes for many big organizations including Google and Bank of America. It is important to Pandit that all employees in an organization feel appreciated and not threatened by colleagues. He teaches leaders how to communicate in a mindful manner and contribute to a positive work environment. In the long run, it will lead to greater productivity, less stress and a more harmonious environment for everyone.